Ascention of Mother Earth from 3D to 5D

Mother Earth decided to ascend from 3D to 5D.

This means a frequency acceleration, all realms of Mother Earth included, raising the abundance of Mother Earth.

Each sentient being on Mother Earth gets the ability to agree in ascention or denies to ascend.

Who decided to agree in ascention will expierience the ascention on frequencylevel.

Who does not agree in ascention Mother Earth or tries to block the decicion of Mother Earth will definitly leave Mother Earth.

Mankind currently is in 3D plus 1.

With 3D the wellknown 3 dimensions of space are meant.

The fourth Dimension is the catastrophical usage of the thought level.

With reintegrating the fifth Dimension, naturalness will reappear and lead to full abundance.

Reaching the fifth Dimension leads

to the empowered and switched on Heart-Intelligence of all sentient Beings,

which will stay in the realms of mother Earth.

As undeniable Hint each Being should know:

Each Manipulation and each attempt of Manipulation will leave Mother Earth,

the one way or the other way.

A Being decides to stop any manipulation or manipulation attempt

or this Being will leave completly the realms of mother earth.

At the moment a Being got the info, undeniable consequences will follow.

The Author of this message does not tell this message from himself,

but only as a message spreads the info, what Mother Earth herself decided.

It is about the complete Being, soullevel included.

 ∧  ∧