Info to Hades

And even in case you are

on the Top of a mountain

> You still are Hadeslander <

(in case, you do not know what Hades means, go for it)

"Hadeslander in the Highlands",
one could say.

Power and Force seems to be more important for you

than the beauty of Natur.

(Power even seems to be more important,

than your own wellbeing?)

Then I hear You saying:

"Do you know what I had to pay,

to get such a Handy (Device)?

What I had to give up?

or, what I lost?"

And even this is, because it is 'my presence' that makes you to really realize

that you lost access to your inner self

to your Soul,

what you really are.

And then, I hear myself saying:

"Do you know about the way, that behind 'me' lays?

being able to,

act as I do?

(But this, you do not want to hear,

and who even asked: "Why?")

And to say the truth, up to now:

I am not interessted in your answer,

You beings? you havings?

under the veil of charity, under the veil of your sense over justice and even simply your 'mob law'

beloved Hadeslander

a Highlander

 ∧  ∧